In the twenties of the last century in 1925, the two children, Mohamed and Ibrahim, rented two bikes from a bicycle seller in Ramses Square (center of Cairo), in which they were living, as an attempt to spend their free time practicing their favorite hobby. They were too late to return the bike to its owner, which angered the seller, so he beat them.
When they returned home, the two children told their father, Khalil Abu Al-Joukh, what had happened. The father felt very angry and angry and decided to buy land in front of the bicycle seller’s shop, and build a competitor’s shop for him, in response to the dignity of his two sons, so that his children could practice their favorite sport without being harassed again.

From here, the journey of “Abu El Goukh” company, which is considered the oldest and most famous company for selling bicycles in Egypt and the Arab world, began. The development continued until we reached 50 branches, but the managements of Abu El Goukh are different because we are a family, and the management of this site is represented by the Heliopolis branch (93a Gesr El Suez Street) because we We always strive to make it easier for our customers to purchase

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